Nicole Parviz 

is an American- Azerbaijani artist who creates illustrations that are rooted in her cultural background and upbringing. Nicole spent the first 12 years of her life living in post-Soviet Azerbaijan. During this time she was exposed to both the Russian elements of the post-soviet culture, as well as the traditional Azerbaijani side, which is more Persian in origin. These juxtaposing styles are reflected throughout her compositions. She is also fascinated by fairytales, folklore and mythology; emulating a whimsical, story-tale-like quality in her work, by incorporating surrealist elements into her pieces. She has taken inspiration from Soviet propaganda posters, fairytales, cultural symbolism, motifs etc and has used all these influences to create a style that is unique to her artwork. As an artist, she aims to create a world that her audience can experience. A world full of vibrant colours, whimsical characters, hidden symbolism and ornate patterns.